Winterization of Homes in Battle Creek, Michigan

Winterization of homes in Battle Creek, Michigan is something one needs to factor in when buying a foreclosure.

A vacant home properly prepared for winter will not experience damage.

It would be the same for anywhere in Michigan. If it is vacant, you need to find out if the house was winterized? The banks usually hire asset companies to do the winterization on homes, but it happens often during the winter that the bank reacquiring a home in the foreclosure process does not obtain possession until mid-winter.

With this occurring, there is a risk of the home not having been winterized before some of the plumbing was damaged by freezing conditions. When you are shopping for a foreclosure, either as a personal residence or an investment property, you need to factor in winterization of homes in Battle Creek, Michigan.

When a house is winterized by a service company, they place stickers on the sinks, water heater and commodes that indicate the date it was done. A usual rule of thumb is if the home was winterized in mid-October, it is a good bet that it was done before any heavy freeze. However, if you are not from the area, it is always a good idea to work with a local Realtor that is active in the market, as they will know usually when the first hard freeze hit that season in the area. Last year we did not get any hard freeze until late November, so a sticker dated November 15th was not a concern.

It is important to note that a winterization sticker on a home with a date does not mean that it is accurate, or that the home was properly winterized. Proper winterization of a home includes running water out of the lines, disconnecting the water meter, draining the water heater, pouring anti-freeze in the toilets, sink drains and traps, and many other points on a checklist.

Preparing a home for winter can require some advanced preparation work...

That is why it is always advisable to hire a home inspector, or acquire a home warranty if there is any uncertainty. Even in homes properly winterized, you can still have a plumbing leak in unexpected areas. I have been through many a home inspection to find pin-hole leaks shooting out when the water is turned on. I have also walked through homes that had exploded toilets, and ballooned and split pipes where a winterization crew came in after the plumbing froze up and winterized everything else, leaving the repairs for the new buyer.

So winterization of homes in Battle Creek Michigan is something to keep in mind as the weather gets colder, especially if you are looking at vacant property. For information about real estate in the Battle Creek area, visit my website at: http://www.michaeldelaware.comor give me a call at: 269-441-8182.

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