Winter Safety Advice: Five Quick Tips & Suggestions

Winter is here again, and the snow certainly does make life quite interesting.  Here are some basic tips and advice for dealing with the season:

1) Slow down.  Especially when driving, but also walking. Icy roads and walkways can knock you sideways, and ruin yourTips and Advice for Buyng Foreclosures in Battle Creek day.  When diving, don’t be in a rush, and when in doubt: slow down.  Keep your hands on the wheel, and remember it is better to be late than in a ditch and really late!

2) Don’t drive distracted.  Get an earpiece for your cell phone if you must make or receive calls when driving, but keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Icy roads are no place to have to stop short, and if you do have to, tap the breaks and don’t slam them down.

3) Dress warm.  Remember the longer you are exposed the colder it gets. Remember to dress in layers, so you can add them or remove them as needed.

4) Allow extra time to warm up your vehicles, and remove ice from windshields. Remote starters help a lot, so get one if you can.  Be sure to have an ice scraper and brush in your car for those times when the heavy stuff comes down.

5) Remember to remove snow from not only your front and back windshield, but also your head lights and front and rear break lights.  Doing this can save you from getting rear ended.

Snow & Ice


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    To enjoy winter season I must say that to consider the above-mentioned tips is an indispensable need of every individual. In winters, every thing needs care and attention whether it is human body, home, or a vehicle.

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