Winter Comes Again to Battle Creek Michigan

Winter comes again to Battle Creek, Michigan after now showing its icy head this season yet.  Certainly we have had cold weather and have had to wear jackets during the day, but nothing compares to snow.  Snow really makes it winter in everyone’s mind for real.

Snow in winter

Snow returns to Battle Creek, Michigan

The winter wonderland has hit Battle Creek, Michigan again this time the day after Christmas. Of course with winter snow comes the shoveling, and the de-icing of windows, and cars, etc. It is at times like these that you are grateful to have an automatic starter on your vehicle.  For the first ten years I lived in Michigan, I never had one, but always told myself every spring I would get one.  Only I would forget as soon as the flowers bloomed, and tell myself I would remember before next season.

Anyhow, ice and snow are not all that bad as long as you are careful.  Take it easy when walking on black top and be alert for black-ice on the roadways. Don’t be in a hurry, as doing that in winter weather never mixes to well, and you will soon find all kinds of time on your hand waiting for someone to come pull you out of a ditch.

So, as winter comes again to Battle Creek, Michigan and the day after the big holiday in fact, remember to take it easy come New Year’s Eve if this weather hangs around. Don’t be in a hurry to go anywhere, and throw a snow ball or two.  Oh, and build a snowman too!

Winter in Battle Creek, Michigan

The day after a winter storm in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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