Wet & Icy Morning for Mallards

Sometimes when you are looking for a special photo, you come across something that is unusual that you have to take a picture of.  I went by a park near downtown Battle Creek one morning on the way to work, and made a point to stop for a few minutes. It was around 8:30 am, and the pond was icy and partially frozen.  Still, despite the ice, the ducks and geese were out enjoying the water protected by their down feathers.

I took this shot of a group of Mallard ducks, and thought the color and contrast were dynamic, but also the transition between the ice and water seemed to make for a interesting composition.  Some of the bird standing on the ice in the foreground with others swimming beyond, along with the seamless transition between water and ice somewhat confuses the eye for a moment.

Ducks & geese swimming and standing on the same pond.

Ducks swimming and standing on the same pond.

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