‘Walk Around Man’ is a Useful Tool for Buyers

If you have not taken time to really explore Google Maps recently, I thought I would point out an interesting feature that is useful in Real Estate.  As a Realtor, I am frequently going to visit houses that I have never seen before, and sometimes in areas I have never been before.  Google Maps now has a feature called the ‘Walk-Around Man’.  This is new technology within the last few years, so a lot of people are not familiar with it.  So, I thought I would show you how interesting this feature is.  To begin, go to Google Maps.  That address is: http://maps.google.com/maps

Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American DreamWhen you get there type in an address in the top field.  For the sake of example, I used the address of my Real Estate office at Troxel Realty in Battle Creek, Michigan.  When you have entered your address, hit enter on your keypad and the map of where you are looking for will show up.  Then, look for the little ‘Walkabout man shape’ on the left.  I show a yellow arrow on the map here in the picture.  Click on the little man, and drag him to where you want to look at on the map.  In this case, I moved him on top of the little balloon where my office it.

Once you do that, it will generate a photo of that location.  What is really nice about this feature is that you can then use the arrow keys on the photo screen (which I show in the last photo here with yellow arrows) and see a three dimensional view of the area.  You can then ‘Walk About’ the streets, and the pictures change and there is some limited zooming abilities.  You can also shift angles, and essentially travel the neighborhood.  You can check out homes you are interested from a far away place!

So imagine that you never have been to a place, and then you try this feature, you can get an idea of what the area looks like.  From the little experimenting I have done with it, I would say the photos are about two to three years old in most areas, but it is still pretty accurate.  I played around with this the first time and visited my childhood home, and other places I have lived through the years to see what the neighborhoods look like now.  So that is my summary of Google Maps and the ‘Walkabout Man’ feature.

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