Twitter and Me

Of all the social media applications out there in the world today, I had always been kind of disinterested in Twitter.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had a Twitter account for about four years now.  I have all my blogs feeding to it, as well as engaging in the occasional update on what I am doing.  For some reason it has never really been something I wanted to know more about, and devoted most of my social media interests to Facebook mainly.

Follow Miichael on Twitter

Follow Miichael on Twitter

However, one cannot ignore the power of Twitter in social media as a means to share information for long.  If you really want to market yourself and stay connected with what is going on, Twitter is fast evolving to be the fastest news source in existence.

People who are familiar with Twitter use it all the time, and share the events of the day as they happen all over the world.  It also bypasses the traditional media opinion filter, and gives you the viewpoint on exactly what is happening from multiple viewpoints as it happens.

So having realized this, one cannot help but conclude that Twitter is here to stay.  Micro-blogging is addictive.  To make it easier for you to understand twitter, I suggest you just jump in and watch what other people are doing at first.  Then, once you have an account at Twitter, open another one with either Tweetdeck or Hootsuit.

Tweetdeck is a great website application to organize your tweets, people talking to you, and other topics you might be interested in following.  Hootsuit allows you to do the same, and is a free application for iPhone, iPad and Droid, as well as some others.  I use both.  They also allow me to schedule tweets in advance, and work out a marketing plan for my books, etc.  So my relationship with Twitter has improved in the recent months, and it has begun to slowly grow on me.  So if you want to follow me, click on the bird image in this article and join me.

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