The Linear Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

The Linear Park in Battle Creek, Michigan is a great feature of the community.  Providing over 15 miles of walking, running and bicycling trails through both the urban and suburban areas around Battle Creek, this is a great place to go exercise. 

Linear Park is a great place to go for some exercise.

Despite running through various neighbohoods, and behind commercial buildings as it winds through the area, it also offers many shaded and natural sections along its length.  One can follow the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers at various points along the trail, and even enjoy the built in scenic overlooks, walkways and bridges as it crosses near and over these waterways. 

 The Linear Park crosses over railroad tracks, nearby scenic points of interest and even through downtown, where you can enjoy some lunch as a stop on your journey.  The Linear Park is an important feature in Battle Creek, and many times the value of this to the community is overlooked. 

Bicyclers from all over the area come to ride these trails, as the character is largely different from other trails across Michigan which are more rural.  There is even a bicycle shop in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan which is right along the Linear Park trail. 

So if you are new to the area, you might want to visit the Battle Creek Parks and Recreation website for more information

The Linear Park offers great scenic overlooks along the riverfronts.

on the Linear Park, as well as events concerning the trail throughout the year.  At various times of the year, running groups feature 5K and 10K races that take part on sections of the trail, making it of interest to runners. 

However, if you are just looking for a place to go walking with your dog, or taking an afternoon hike, the Linear Park is right here in town and is there for your use.  During the spring, summer and fall the Linear Park is a great local destination to explore.

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