The Great Deals in Battle Creek are a Limited Time Opportunity

The great deals in Battle Creek are a limited time opportunity.  Many investors realize this; others are listening to the media and waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor, as they predict some impending doom.  The truth of the matter of what is going on at this time in history is a major market correction that was decades in the making.

The Great Deals in Battle Creek Real Estate are a Limited Time Opportunity.

 However, the prices will climb again, and realizing that in present time the great deals in Battle Creek are a limited time opportunity.  For many years I used to avoid jumping into the investor market myself, and I always heard the stories of investors that bought something at such a great deal many years earlier when ‘times were different’ and they now were selling with a handsome profit.  I admired that, and wished it were me. 

After many years of experience in this area, I can tell you the time is now, not next year, or two years, or some other decade.  If you have the capital, invest in sound rental homes while you can select from the best deals, and build your portfolio of investment property and rent them out and wait.  Times do change, and this market will increase again.

  This is the time you will tell your grand children about, and how you took advantage of the timing of the market, and built your fortune.  Battle Creek has had an onslaught of foreclosures in recent years.  However, our area has also done a good job of bleeding them out of the market place, as investors and first time home buyers have been seizing the opportunity. 

I can tell you from a clear perspective of examining the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) on a daily basis that there are

This time will be spoken of for decades as the era for wise investors.

 less bank owned homes in the high demand areas that there were last year at this time.  The selection is growing ever tighter, and to me this is an indicator that prices will begin to climb.  I already am seeing values going up in certain areas of town that in high demand, and more competition in bidding. 

So if you have been sitting on the fence on whether you should invest, recognize that the great deals in Battle Creek are a limited time opportunity.  Call me.  Michael Delaware, Realtor at 269-441-8182 or visit my website and contact me through there:  The time it now.  Don’t wait to make your move.  The clock is ticking, and this is a time in our history of great investment deals.

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