Rental House Buying in Battle Creek, Michigan

When one talks about rental house buying in Battle Creek, we are talking about being or becoming an investor. 

Being a rental property owner can be a great business, but the key to success if working with an experience Realtor.

When you are a serious investor, you learn a few tricks about rental house buying in Battle Creek

Most investors learn that location is very important for demand.  Demand means that vacancy rates will be low per house, and when you are talking about owning and managing several, this is key to success. 

When I started rental house buying in Battle Creek, I asked other landlords about what were the areas of town they saw the most demand.  In other words, what part of town did they never have trouble renting, and what sized home?  Most of the feedback I received at the time indicated two areas of town, so I concentrated on those. 

I also found out that three bedrooms were easier to rent than two bedrooms, so if you wanted little vacancy time, concentrate on three bedrooms.  The other option is to buy a foreclosure that can be converted into a three bedroom.  However, it is much easier to buy an existing three bedroom than to do extensive remodeling. 

Buying a rental house in a high demand area will reduce vacancy ratios.

Rental house buying in Battle Creek requires doing some research and it is recommended that you talk to other landlords.  There is a local organization called the ‘Rental Property Owners Association’ (RPOA) and they can be a great resource for information for the starting landlord.  So I would recommend that any investor start there, and even join, because they can be a wealth of local information. 

Rental house buying in Battle Creek is a great business, but it is recommended that you work with an experienced Realtor so that you choose rental homes that are not only in the high demand areas, but also ones that do not require a lot of upfront investment to get them into use. 

If you would like to get started in rental house buying in Battle Creek, visit my website at: or give me a call at: 269-441-8182. 

Smart Investors in Battle Creek use an experienced Realtor to scout out the best deals in the area.

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