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Housing Affordability Index to Set Annual Record for 2012 In Review

WASHINGTON (January 9, 2013) – With 11 months of data reported, 2012 will clearly go down as a record year for favorable housing affordability conditions, and a great year for buyers who could get a mortgage, according to the National Association…
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Land Contract Homes in Michigan

Being a Michigan Realtor, I quite often get inquiries about Land Contract homes.  Michigan is a State that recognizes Land Contract homes as form of financing, and will allow it to be recorded just like any mortgage would be.  Land…
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Wood Carvings at Turkeyville

Near Marshall, Michigan is a farm that is an event facility, and restaurant called ‘Turkeyville’.  Inside there is a general store, and on weekends during the summer there are craft shows and flea markets.  I went there last summer, and…
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