New Book Release: The Art of Sales Management!

I recently published my 3rd book, and this one is called: The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly.  The book is mostly about my years as a sales manager for my own business in Roswell, Georgia in the 80’s through the late 90’s.  It also draws from experiences in later years as a salesperson for several different companies, and professions, including Real Estate.  It is a book I first conceived of about fifteen years ago.  It contains ideas that I have never dared to share in writing until now.

Cover concept FinalASome of my approaches were different and unique, and at times quite radical.  I was in a fortunate situation where I could experiment with new ideas and approaches in a microcosm of  popular showroom environment in the area.  I was selling high priced custom stained and beveled glass doors and windows, and people were always coming to see us.  If was during this time that I built a sales staff, and tested many new sales training ideas.

I have now compiled a lot of what I have learned from this period within this book.  I may write other books at a later date on this subject, as it is impossible to fully cover the subject in one entire edition.  This book is the start of a great project, and one that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I hope you will take time to download the book on Amazon, and read it.  It has been my most favorite project to date.

The book is only available through Amazon, in Kindle format.  However, I have also created a new website and blog for my publishing company called: If, And or But Publishing which you can click on the link and check out.  Subscribe to the mailing list for future news letters.

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