‘Land Contract Homes for Investors’ by Michael Delaware

I recently finished and published a follow up book to my first book on Land Contracts.  This new book is entitled: Land Contract Homes for Investors.  I wrote both the first and second book as two independent projects, and decided to release them within days of each other to get the material available for the new year.

Land Contract Homes for InvestorsThis new book takes on the topic of Land Contracts from the investors perspective.  It gives insight into the process of offering seller financing from the ones seeking to make a business out of this.  With conventional lending being a struggle in recent years, I thought it would not only be helpful to educate buyers on the subject of Land Contracts, but also investors who may not realize the potential return from them.

Land Contracts if executed effectively can offer a very stable return on investment for real estate investors. This book seeks to enlighten both new and old investors alike into the many aspects of seller financing by means of a Land Contract or ‘Contract for Deed‘ as it is sometimes called.

Land Contract Homes for Investors examines the investment return potential of this type of seller financing.  It also addresses capital gains, and options for deferring capital gains taxes.  I also address in the book how to screen an applicant, and what the profile of an ideal investment property is.

Despite the emphasis on investment potential, I also discuss the view point of profit and purpose, and how one works with the other.  One can never overlook that investment homes provide a needed resource for people in society, which is housing.  People need a place to live, and they will spend money to live somewhere.  Land Contract Homes for Investors seeks to encourage the investors to become engaged in that goal of helping others, at the same time as earning a living doing it.

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