Land Contract Books Now Available in Print

In December of 2012 I released two books as eBooks on the subject of Land Contracts.  The books take up the topic Land Contract Books available in printfrom two different angles.  The first book, ‘Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream’ covers the basics of how land contracts work.  It also addresses the subject from both sides of the transaction, and points out the key points to avoid trouble in the future.

The second book entitled ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors‘ is taken from an investors perspective.  This second book is a quick summary of the basics of what an investor should look for, and how to make seller financing an incentive for selling investment homes.  It goes into important points on screening applicants, setting up the terms and other legal points.

The books as of November are now available in print!  You can order them through Amazon.  If you would like to order them, you can find them on my author page here.

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