Going Home…Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps

Are you tired of Renting? Learn how to go from renting to home ownership in this new eBook!

I recently released my newest eBook on a real estate topic, it is called: Going Home…Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps.‘  The book was an inspiration from when I first became a Realtor in 2006, and I wanted to educate people who were renting on how to make that transition to becoming a home owner for the first time.  The book grew from a discussion with my broker Al Morehart in 2007, and I became inspired with the idea of helping renters become home owners,  and began to write this book.

Going Home...Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy StepsOver a period of about 6 months, I drafted the original manuscript and then never took it through to publishing it.  This was mainly due to the cost involved in self publishing at the time.  With the release of the Kindle eBook reader in 2007 by Amazon, the ability to publish eBooks has become much easier.  I recently reviewed the manuscript and updated it for 2013, and have now first the firs time been able to release this as an eBook.  Going Home…Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps bring clarity for prospective buyers on how to overcome the obstacles that they may believe to be in their way towards becoming a home owner.

In today’s economy, so many people struggle with poor credit histories, even after they have recovered their income.  This book addresses how one can understand their own credit report, gain access to it, and begin the process to repair it.  It also discusses how to organize ones finances, and build savings.  One can also learn about the lending process, and what to expect before they even venture to look for financing so that they can take the necessary steps to make the right first impression.

Going Home…Renting to Home Ownership in 10 Easy Steps also gives insight into how to find and use a Realtor to find your dream home, as well as what other professionals one may use along the way.  It does not cover every potential situation with the home buying process, but it does cover a lot of the basics so that one can understand the steps needed, and make the journey.

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