Football in the Battle Creek Area

As with any American community it seems, there if a local interest in the sport of football.  Everyone has their local NFL sports team favorite from the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers mostly if you live in this portion of Southwest Michigan.  However, local colleges, high schools and even grade schools have teams as well.

At the College level, the State of Michigan is primarily divided into to major college teams.  In Lansing, Michigan is Michigan State University and their team is the Spartans.  In Ann Arbor, Michigan there is University of Michigan and their team is the Wolverines.  The Spartan supporters wear green, and the Wolverine supporters wear blue.  The are of course rivalries with other nearby States such as Ohio and Indiana, but whenever Michigan State plays Michigan it is a huge event.

In Battle Creek, there are essentially four commonly known and supported high school football teams.  There is the Battle Creel Central BearCats, the Lakeview Spartans, the Harper Creek Beavers and the Pennfield Panthers.  There are local rivalries in all of them, and most notably when any of them play each other it is usually a large event. 

In the middle schools and elementary schools there are football teams in the age groups below high school level, and they also offer football and play a schedule competing with similar schools in the area.  The video below is an example of the 5th & 6th grade level of football played in the area.  Football is a part of the fabric of life here in Michigan and the Northern States, and thus one comes to enjoy it at all levels.


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