Enjoying A Love for Writing

I have been a writer all of my life.  I particularly enjoy sharing information from my experiences and knowledge with others through my writings.  I started writing my first blog 2010, and now have approximately 8 separate blogs that I write for on a regular basis.  I use these blogs as a vehicle to promote my business, share information useful to others, express ideas, and even vent frustration at times.

My first published book in 2012 available on Amazon in a Kindle eBook format.

My first published book in 2012 available on Amazon in a Kindle eBook format.

However, my true love it with writing itself.  I have ever since I was a child wanted to publish my own books, and share them with others.  In fact over the years I have accumulated many manuscripts that I began writing in various stages, and either never completed, or just never had enough energy to overcome the barriers to publishing them.  In 2012 I set a goal for breaking through these barriers, and ultimately published my first book.

I worked on and finished a project over a period of six months, which consisted of two books on the subject of Land Contract Homes.  I was able to successfully publish both of these books in a Kindle eBook format in December, and they are now available for sale on Amazon.

The first book is entitled: Understanding Land Contract Homes: In Pursuit of the American Dream.  It covers the subject of Land Contact homes for both the buyer and the prospective seller.  I followed up with a second book for investors who seek to sell homes on Land Contract, and that book is entitled: Land Contract Homes for Investors.  Both of these are available on Amazon now in a Kindle eBook format, and if you search the subject topic of ‘Land Contract Homes‘ you can easily find them.

I enjoy sharing information that I have learned.  In 2012 I also established the beginnings of my own publishing company, and I intend to expand upon that in 2013.  I am currently working on two new books.  One is about sales management, with a working title of: The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly which draws from my experience over the years as a sales manager.  The other is a memoir covering my 15 years in the Stained and Beveled Glass business, with a working title of: Memoirs of a Stained Glass Man.  I hope to have both of these books completed and published in the first quarter on 2013, and move onto the many other writing projects I have to follow, including some more books about real estate.

So if you have followed my blog over the year, I hope you will continue to do so and perhaps even purchase and read my books.  I hope all of my readers have a wonderful and prosperous 2013!


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