Cereal City Dancers

Dancers at the 2011 Cerealfest in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan on June 11th.

Recently I attended the City of Battle Creek’s annual Cerealfest which was held on June 11th, 2011.  During this event, there was a stage set up and performers were there entertaining the crowd. 

This year they had a dance group that was really very energetic and good.  I stood there for awhile and filmed some of their performance.  I later created the video you see below from this.

The Cerealfest is a great annual event that features free cereal for thousands of people, as well as fun and games for the kids.  There was also a classic car show this year, and a variety of booths.  One could also have a hotdog or hamburger if you wanted too at the food court area, if cereal was not your thing. 

If you enjoy dancing, or just taking part in the exercise of it all, you will see that a lot of the crowd were dancing too.  The group was very energetic and entertaining for the audience.  It was a lively event, and a very nice performance at this year’s festival.  If you missed it, I hope you take time to enjoy the video.

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