After You Take Possession of Your New Home

After you take possession of your new home, there are some very important things to remember to do.  It is suggested

There are important things to do immediately when you take possession of your new home.

that one of the immediate things that you take on is arranging to change the locks, particularly if the home was a foreclosure.  The reason for this is obvious: you do not know who has the key.  In fact in many foreclosures, they may require you to do it the day of or before closing.  HUD homes will not even give you a key, and you are essentially required to do it once you take possession after closing.

Another important thing that gets overlooked is changing the signal on the garage door openers.  If you do not know how to do this, I suggest looking online for information on the model you have to find how to do this.  You can also look for a phone number of the manufacturer and call for instructions.

When you take possession of a home, usually the days following can be chaotic with renovations, and moving, etc.  It is very easy to forget where you put your closing documents, etc.  I recommend that you keep these in a safe place and accessible place, so that you have access to it.  This especially becomes important when you file your income taxes, as there are deductible expenses that your accountant will be interested in having the information on that will be on your closing settlement statements, for example. 

Most importantly, take time to meet your neighbors and sign up for any neighborhood associations that are required.  Often this can be delayed several days or weeks, and sometimes a neighbor might have helpful information for you about your home or neighborhood that can save you time. 


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