A Look Back at 4th of July Fireworks 2011

There is nothing like a grand ol' 4th of July Fireworks show!

Last weekend was the 4th of July, and like any Independence Day weekend, there were fireworks.  This year I went to the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival to see their fireworks display up close and personal.  It was the first year I had actually attended the festival, always finding one excuse or the other to avoid the congestion of traffic leaving the grounds. 

As a side note, it really was not that bad a journey home from this event, so that should not be any reason to avoid this spectacular show.

After a 9:30pm Balloon Illume where they featured the hot air balloons, there was a night time air show, and then the fireworks began at 10:30pm. 

It was by far the most fabulous show I have seen in a long time, and I brought my camera and filmed it this time.  So below, you will find a video from the first part of this show.  I will probably uploaded the second part in a later blog post.

I hope you enjoy watching a good ol’ fashion fireworks show!  Enjoy.


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