7 Tips for Safe Trick or Treating

Do you plan to have your children go out trick or treating on Halloween?  It is an American tradition to have kids dress up in their favorite costumes and carrying a bag, go door to door seeking treats and candy.  With Halloween just around the corner, let’s look at 7 tips for safe trick or treating:

1.  Accompany your kids

As a parent, it is always best to send kids out with an adult to accompany them as they make their small__6299655159rounds.  One way to do it is to follow them in a warm car as they go door to door.  Besides being an important safety tip, this also makes for a great refuge for them to climb into the car to get warm when it is a cold night.

2. Use the buddy system

If you are sending your kids out alone to go trick or treating, make sure they use the buddy system. Pair them up at the beginning of the night, and make sure they stick together.

3. Dress warm

Often costumes can be to thin, and if it is a cold night, this can open to door to exposure.  Try to design a costume that accounts for the elements, and is not too hot or too cold to wear as they walk around the neighborhoods.  Costumes which are too warm can cause them to sweat, and in the cold this can result in hypothermia.  Try having the kids wear long underwear or wool to stay warm under the costume.  Have them carry an umbrella if it looks like rain, and also remember to have them wear warm shoes and gloves.

4. Avoid masks that restrict vision

Some masks on a costume can restrict vision too much, and result in an accident.  It is too easy to trip and fall down when one is walking around in the dark with a mask on, so try using face paint instead as part of the costume design.

medium_67505273155. Avoid houses where the lights are not on

People turn their lights off on their home usually when they are not participating in Halloween or they are not home.  Teach your children to not approach homes that have their lights off.

6. Set rules and boundaries

If you are sending your kids out with other children, set rules and boundaries on what neighborhoods they can go to, and when they need to return.  Send them out with a cell phone if possible so they can check in as well.

7. Don’t eat the candy until it is inspected

Make is a policy with your children that they are not to eat the candy until you as a parent have inspected it.  It is unfortunate that there are dangerous people in the world that would tamper with candy, so it is better to be safe.  Look over the candy when your child comes home and remove any partially opened packages, or anything that looks suspicious.  Also, often local police departments offer a free service on Halloween to inspect candy for parents, so use this service whenever it is available.

Most importantly!  Have fun!  Enjoy the time together!  These are days you will remember, so make it a great memory!
photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc and also: Daniel CJ Lee via photopin cc