The 'Balloon Illume' is a popular featured event on 4th of July weekend.

I attended the ‘Balloon Illume’ this past weekend at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival.  It is one of the many favorite events at the festival.  On July 3rd, it was the prelude to the night air show and fireworks.  They held the event at dusk, just before the sunset.

The balloon pilots and teams came out to set up their balloons and light them at night to display the beauty against the sunset.  It was an amazing colorful event, and I shot a video, which I have included below. 

Balloons are a popular annual feature of the Fourth of July Celebrations in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Balloonists from all over the country come to compete at this event, and it is not uncommon to see balloons flying in the sky for the week.

The ‘Balloon Illume’ offers fans an opportunity to see balloons up close and enjoy the beauty and color as the sunsets and the lighting intensifies in the dark.  The announcer each year invites the audience to shout in unison ‘Light ‘em up’ and the balloon crews try to fire their torches all at the same time for a universal illumination.  It is a beautiful experience you do not want to miss.


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