Beautiful homes on the Northside of Battle Creek are an important part of the history of the city.

Some of the most facinating homes in Battle Creek Michigan are those classic mansion homes on the Northside. The most noteworthy ones are along Capital Ave Northwest.

They date from the 1800’s to the early 1900’s and are all unique

Historic homes on Battle Creek's Northside.

 unto themselves. Recently I took a walk to photograph and video some of these beautiful homes. I have included this compilation video here for your pleasure. 

Some of these homes are true works of art, and they were the first homes that stuck in my memory when I first visited Battle Creek over a dozen years ago.   

Many of the homes are occupied, and some are under various states of renovation.  Being larger homes, some have been turned into professional businesses, and others are now small apartment buildings.  Theses homes are a part of the rich history of the early founders of Battle Creek, and are community treasures. 

As a Realtor in the Battle Creek area, these homes are a wonderful reminder of the rich past of the region.

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