Winter in Michigan brings snow.

It was announced on Monday that we are to receive a very large snow storm on Tuesday night, the night that I write this entry. It is supposed to dump a great deal of snow upon Michigan, all across the State.

It is amazing that people still get into the snow storm frenzy, even when they have lived here all their lives. For example, I had a Realtor Open house scheduled for today and so yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed for this. I was amazed at the amount of cars when I arrived in the parking lot, for a middle of a weekday.

When I got inside, there were lines of people with grocery carts full, waiting to check out. I thought to myself… am I in Michigan? I mean I used to witness this sort of thing when I lived in Atlanta many years ago, and could understand it somewhat because they are not used to snow.

However, here in Michigan we get snow every winter, without fail. We get dumped on, and we dig ourselves out, and

Why all the frenzy about snow? It is kind of friendly when you look at it...

 get on with our day. To me this is routine. As a Realtor, I have appointments, and sometimes Mother Nature adds some additional items to my schedule such as unexpected shoveling. This happens.

However, when I see a snow storm frenzy at the store, I can only wonder if it is the panicked cattle effect you see in a herd. Snow happens where we are, and I fully expect to have a great deal in the morning. So what? I will brew a pot of coffee, put on my snow boots, and grab my shovel in plenty of time to make my appointments.

I have lived here for twelve years, and I am not a native, but I have become accustomed to living here and dealing with winter. After the storm, there will be large piles on either side of my driveway, so what? People will be in the park across the street sledding down the hill, and the frenzy will be over, and life will move on.

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