Being a Calhoun County Michigan Realtor that spends most of his time on the road each week showing houses and meeting with homebuyers, I can tell you that we have wide and diverse County.  The center City in the County is Marshall, and this community boasts the older homes and many classic mansion style landmark homes.  The city itself has more historically registered buildings than anywhere in the State. 

As a Calhoun County Michigan Realtor, I have shown and sold many homes in this central County community, and it

Calhoun County has a wide variety of homes all over the County.

 has a wonderful pride of ownership.  Moving onto the larger city in the County, we have Battle Creek.  Battle Creek covers a large area and consists of four separate school districts: Battle Creek Central, Lakeview, Harper Creek and Pennfield.  All of these school systems have worked diligently on upgrading their campuses in recent years, and Battle Creek Central is the newest one to add a new addition and is close to completing a large project in this regard. 

In more of the rural areas of our County, you will find the city of Athens just South of Battle Creek, and the City of Albion just East of Marshall.  Both are smaller communities, but they also offer great opportunity in real estate and have unique characteristics.  Athens has several local features, including an alligator farm, some historic buildings and it too has its own high school.  Albion has a community college, smaller in size to the Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, but a popular college for students because of the smaller community. 

So as a Calhoun County Michigan Realtor, I never know what portion of the County I will be in from day to day and

Calhoun County is a great place to live.

week to week, but I can say there are always great deals popping up in real estate all over and it is ever changing. 

To contact me as a Calhoun County Michigan Realtor, you can visit my website at: or call me direct at: 269-441-8182. I would be happy to help you relocate or buy your first home in Calhoun County.

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