The winter months of November through March presents great opportunities for sellers in Battle Creek, Michigan.  When you are considering selling your home, the usual idea is that one should place their home on the market in the spring when ‘buyers are looking in higher numbers’.  Although there might be some truth to this, there are also a few important things a seller should know. 

The winter months in Battle Creek can be a great time to sell your home.

Number one, they should realize that buyers are looking year round, not seasonally.  Number two, if many potential sellers are using this ‘wait until spring’ strategy, it creates a smaller pool of homes to look at for interested buyers. 

With these two points in mind, wouldn’t you want to have your home for sale in the pool of less competition?  I sure would as a seller.  I would want the list for the buyer to be as short as possible as it creates more odds that that buyer will choose my home to write an offer on. 

Great opportunities for sellers in Battle Creek, Michigan often comes in the winter months for this reason.  It is easier to see the furnace in operation, the accessibility during the times of snow, quality of insulation and many other aspects of the home that can only be speculated on by the buyer.  Frankly, snow also hides many things like incomplete landscaping projects, and things you have no control over, like imperfections or eyesores in a neighbor’s yard.  

Selling your home in winter can bring more qualified buyers than you would ordinarily expect.

So the winter months should be looked upon as great opportunities for sellers in Battle Creek, Michigan.  It is also true that a buyer that is looking in the winter is generally a very serious buyer, and if they are working with a Realtor, they typically have been pre-qualified to buy. 

So the smaller inventory of homes to show gives a seller not only a higher advantage, but exposure to a smaller pool of more qualified buyers.  For information on selling your home, or buying a home, call me at 269-441-8182 or visit my website at:

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